“Makin’ the Storm Clouds Cry”
1. A lyric found in the song “Packing Blankets” from Eels’ 2000 album, “Daisies of the Galaxy.”
2. The title of this blog.

“Packing Blankets,” by Eels, is a song built on the promise of adventure.  Singer/songwriter, Mark Everett’s vocals are layered with rows of confusion, columns of idealism, and planks of hope; yet, his lyrics articulate an unbreakable sense of confidence and peace.  Needless to say, for those seated on the edge of transition, Everett’s voice comes through like a musical rocking chair.  Through a track just over two minutes in length, Everett manages to locate his listeners’ subconscious desire for change and gently sell the benefits of absconding to a bright and unknown future where all “the drawbridge lights are green.” 

As an early-twenty-something navigating the quarter life crisis, this song both normalizes and encourages my burning desire to wander and explore.  The fleeting time frame during which the call to “get a new name and cut [my] hair” seems logical, necessary, and promising is upon me.  So, with a heavy backpack and absolutely no idea where my future will take me, I’ve made it my business to shake my youthful stick at storm clouds of uncertainty.  Here’s hoping that the raindrops I summon will make for a decent story or two.

In terms of content, I really have no vision for the outline of this blog. My embarrassment at creating this page is only outweighed by my desire to stay connected with all of the people I desperately want to be sharing these experiences with. By going public, I am also peer-pressuring myself into slowing down long enough to reflect upon my day-to-day (or week-to-week) in order to fully appreciate and remember it all. I imagine that my posts will take the form of a story-book rather than a journal which means that I plan to spare any potential readers from the uglies of traveling. That said, updates on bowel movements; excessive whining or worrying; regurgitated itineraries, etc. will be relegated to my personal archives. I have many reservations about keeping a blog, but I have an even greater fear of forgetting to stop and appreciate the opportunity to wander about. So, thank you for excusing any air of self-importance that this blog may have and humoring my attempt to capture it all.


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