Tourists Gone Wild

October 7, 2010

Be it an open map or an open mouth, tourists possess less subtlety than almost any other species. Even in moments of silence, tourists somehow manage to emit pheromones of improper pronunciation and poor navigational skills. After three months of camera snapping, I know from personal experience that there is simply no camouflage advanced enough to disguise a wide-eyed traveler. Sleeping on the stained futon of a Prague native does not diminish my desire to eat fried cheese; nor does sharing a meal with a Dutch couple prevent me from squinting my way through Amsterdam’s coffee shops. Truth be told, I’m 3,505 pictures deep. With an average of forty photographs per day, I may have reached the photographic equivalent of Segway tours and mosquito-proof clothing. To celebrate this remarkable display of tourism, I have assembled a slide show containing raw footage of the awkward, clichéd, and shameless side of my travels. Let the cringing begin.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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